Rank Tracker has each and every feature needed for cutting-edge keyword research and rank tracking.
Look through the top-important features listed below and download the software to try them all with your own hands!

Rank Tracker

Get tons of keyword ideas with multiple research methods

Create the most comprehensive list of traffic-generating keywords using Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, Wordtracker, and many other methods!

Rank Tracker

Track rankings history and compare your positions with competitors'

You can add up to 5 extra websites to your Rank Tracker project (10 for Enterprise Edition) and quickly check and compare rankings for them. This way you can keep a close eye on your competitors' rankings or set side by side several websites you optimize for the same keywords.

Rank Tracker

In-depth analysis to spot the best keywords

Rank Tracker helps you choose keywords that have the biggest search volume but are not too tough to rank for. With the built-in keyword difficulty tool, you can quickly see how hard it'll be to rank for a certain phrase.

Rank Tracker

Quick and easy data exports

When needed, you can instantly export all of your keyword data outside the software in CSV, TSV or XLSX format.

Rank Tracker

White-label ranking reports in PDF and HTML

Rank Tracker's easy-to-customize and professionally looking reports are sure to impress your SEO clients and provide a convenient way to share important data with co-workers.

Rank Tracker

Task Scheduler to run automated rank checks on the needed time and date

Easily automate all your routine SEO tasks. Once set up, Rank Tracker's scheduler will run all the required tasks in the specified timeframes, without you even being at the computer.

Rank Tracker

Flexible working area, easily tuned to suit your needs

Groups your keywords by any criteria, use quick-filter option to instantly browse to thousands of keywords, or set up complex filtering conditions to filter out the needed data – Rank Tracker offers maximum flexibility to let you conveniently work even with the largest data volumes.

And much more!

Just get your hands on this fantastic tool and see for yourself how quick, easy and effective your keyword research and rank tracking can be.